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WHR HQ buildings

WHR Crow Creek Bird Watching

Red Tailed Hawk on a fence postThe Wyoming Hereford Ranch is home for most or part of the year for many species of birds. There are several miles of Crow Creek, numerous 100 year old cottonwood trees, willows, spruce and pine providing ideal habitat.

An annual bird count by the Cheyenne - High Plains Audubon Society, is conducted each May at the ranch.

In 2008, out of 123 species observed in the Cheyenne area,Eastern Kingbird sitting on a fence wire 81 were observed at WHR.  Audubon Wyoming has designated WHR as an IBA (important bird area) and is one of the better birding sites in Wyoming.

 At any time of the year, bird watchers are always welcome at the ranch.


Photos courtesy of Chuck Seniawski 

Bobolink on a tree branch  Dickcissel  Olive Sided Flycatcher  Blue Winged Teal