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WHR Ranch HQ buildings

WHR Ranch Headquarters

Panaroma of WHR
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Since 1883, Wyoming Hereford Ranch has been a major source of registered Hereford cattle. Superior seed stock has been marketed throughout North America and many other lands providing for efficiently produced tasty, healthy and nutritious beef. The location, the environment, the men and women and the Herefords involved here have made this hallowed Hereford ground.

Sloan and Anna Marie Hales owners of the ranch since 1978, ninth in ownership of the Wyoming Hereford Ranch, are the first owners to live on the ranch. The Hales have a dedication and passion for Hereford cattle and for preserving as many of the original buildings and improvements on the ranch as possible. Keeping with the heritage that made the Wyoming Hereford Ranch known around the country, the Hales have continued to keep the historic ranch open to the public. While smaller in numbers than in times past, a registered herd of fine Hereford cattle can be seen grazing the pastures at the Wyoming Hereford Ranch.

Visitors are encouraged to look through the office at the Wyoming Hereford Ranch headquarters. A self- guided tour map is available. A look at the guest book will tell many stories of the men and women who were an integral part of Wyoming Hereford Ranch and have returned to revisit special memories. Here the cowboys of yesteryear, were paid from the bank vault, cattle records were meticulously kept and a soda-pop was enjoyed.

The Wyoming Hereford Ranch is the host-site for numerous community events each year. To the thousands of visitors each year the invitation is made:

Envision the glories of yesteryear, as well as the pride of the present
and the promise of the future.

Hereford calf burrowed into the hay WHR Fields and meadows