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We produce pasture raised, grain finished Wyoming Hereford beef

 Our quality beef is produced from 100% Hereford genetics that are calved and grazed on mixed prairie Wyoming grasses for most of their lives and then grain finished for 160-180 days.

Important Information

  • Whole Carcass $8.25 per lb (retail cut weight) – 380 to 420lbs ($3,135 to $3,383)
  • Half Carcass $8.75 per lb (retail cut weight) – 190 to 210lbs of meat ($1,663 to $1,838)
  • A $200 deposit is required at the time of order with final payment due at the time of beef pickup.
  • Supplies are limited so place your order today!
  • Contact us for more information or to place your order.

Originating in the county of Herefordshire, England in the 1600’s, Hereford cattle have thrived in the American west for over 200 years due to their vigor, foraging ability and longevity (many females produce calves beyond the age of 15 years). As America’s original environmental stewards, cattle ranchers have long prized the unrivaled efficiency of Hereford cattle in converting native pasture into high quality, nutrient dense edible protein. Hereford cattle also produce tender, well marbled beef during the finishing phase. Discriminating consumers will recognize Hereford Cattle by their trademark deep red bodies and white faces and feet. When you purchase beef from the Wyoming Hereford Ranch you can be assured you’re buying 100% Hereford!

We carefully manage stocking density, rotational programs and winter feeding to ensure sustainability of our ranch well into the future. Our philosophy is that efficiency = sustainability so we use the best management practices to ensure we produce quality beef with the least quantity of inputs and impact on the environment. Our cattle are handled with respect and care following the highest industry standards for animal husbandry.

Our quality beef is produced from 100% Hereford genetics that are calved and grazed on mixed prairie native grasses and then finished for 160-180 days on a grain diet. The cattle are then humanely processed in a USDA inspected processing plant. All of our beef is aged and then vacuum sealed in Cryovac packages to ensure freshness.

Purchase Whole and Half Beef

Purchase ranch-direct beef and let us manage all of the logistics. You can pick up your beef on our ranch in 40lb boxes. We sell whole and half carcasses resulting in the following cut combinations:

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